Primary Servicing & Asset Management

Working on behalf of our clients, Bluestone Financial Group is responsible for the loan administration, payment processing, tax, insurance, and UCC administration and monitoring compliance with loan documentation. We also analyze the performance of the underlying asset pledged as collateral and manage all aspects of the borrower client relationship, including all asset management responsibilities.

Our Capital Providers with active construction lending programs have complex needs with substantial risks that need to be managed effectively to ensure their borrower’s projects move along according to plan, both on-time and on-budget. Bluestone Financial Group offers a full range of services built upon best-in-class processes and procedures to handle the construction draw administration and processing work, as well as the accurate and timely collection and dissemination of collateral data and reports.                 

  • Primary Servicing

  • Asset Management

  • Special Servicing

  • Construction Loan Administration

  • SBA Servicing

  • Small Balance Servicing