Special Servicing

Bluestone offers a comprehensive suite of integrated, customizable services to support distressed debt acquisition, management and disposition. Our corporate culture of independence, transparency and integrity, permits us to focus on maximizing the recovery for our clients and partners. We achieve superior results through our skill as active distressed debt asset managers, not simply passive financial engineering. Our deep network of market specific professionals provides a competitive advantage in the acquisition and management of distressed assets.

Bluestone’ asset management team leverages the experience of our primary servicing and advisory practices to support the management of performing, sub-performing and non-performing loan portfolios. Our services include, loan-specific re-underwriting to assist in the management of loan maturities and potential default situations and direct REO operating, re-positioning and liquidation management. Time-tested and rigorous property-level analysis, business plan diligence and investment review processes developed in the course of completing thousands of transactions worldwide enable us to identify and manage potential risks to the benefit of our clients and partners.